Cash Register Express

What is Cash Register Express?

Cash Register Express is No.1 point of sale software to computerize your business fully. Still having doubt? Refer an article describing POS Software: Why use it?. and get started.

Download a demo copy, experience the features completely and buy only after you're completely satisfied that this is the solution for your business. Need Assistance? We have Cash Register Express tutorial for easy reference to learn all the basic functions or call for a free walk through (866) 468-5767.

Basic Features

Cash Register Express works EVERYWHERE!

Why should you switch to Cash Register Express?

Selecting the right pos software can be as important as selecting the right location for your business. Its unbelievable, for most store owners, how quickly a point of sale system will pay for itself. Often the newly computerized are shocked realizing the savings done just by better managing their inventory, ringing up sales quickly and accurately, and a decreasing theft. All these features and many more, are made easy by Cash Register Express. Download a test version of Cash Register Express now. Don't buy it unless you are satisfied, please call (866) 468-5767 for a walkthrough.

Did you know computerizing your store with a POS system costs $2.83 a day but you save $83.00 a day by eliminating employee theft and maximizing profits. Cash Register Express (or CRE 2004) is a cost effective way to keep your inventory costs down, reduce theft, and make more money!

Cash Register Express is designed in such way that it handles Multiple Clerks and Multiple Cash Drawers with ease! Processing credit cards can be done quickly and efficiently using an internet connection. Apply today and create your own merchant account..

Tracking sales and inventory, renting videos and equipment, creating membership accounts, look ups by category, and managing your store's books are just a few of the features of Cash Register Express 2004!

Quick Guidance: Learn how to use Cash Register Express' basic features with this online tutorial.

Manage your Store Succesfully

Improve your management of store resources and inventory to increase your profit dramatically. From reducing inventory shrinkage to observing sales trends there are numerous ways that store owners or managers can find to add extra dollars to their cash drawers. A POS software's reporting abilities is often not discussed enough before purchasing a system and CRE's reporting abilities is one of the best in the business. This very essential part of the software gives you a very personalized look into your sales figures, inventory movement, and financial summaries.

Renting Made Simple

Does your store do video or tuxedo rental? Cash Register Express can manage items that you rent out. With a built in rental system you can set certain item as rentable or all your items depending on what kind of business you are running. It is user friendly and easy to handle.

Rental Features: Detailed Tape Rental History, Family Account Memberships, Non-Video Sales, Detailed Customer History, easy setup, call to learn more.

The Lowdown on Cash Register Express

Cash Register Express is America's leading retail point of sale software solution. This acclaimed pos software has been in use for over ten years providing a computerized solution to thousands of retail stores. Call (866)468-5767 today for more information on Cash Register Express and other POS software needs. If you're asking, "How soon can I get my activation code?" the answer is seconds after you buy your license. You don't have to wait for a CD in the mail. The activation code will be emailed to you!