Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is Corner Store POS?
  2. How can I try out Corner Store POS?
  3. What are the minimum PC requirements for Corner Store POS?
  4. What type of store should use Corner Store POS?
  5. After successfully downloading and installing the Corner Store Setup file I am still unable to open the Corner Store in Win VISTA/7?
  6. While I was installing the setup file for Corner Store I received an error message. What should I do?
  7. What is Inventory Express program?
  8. Is it possible to generate barcode labels for inventory items without a barcode from Corner Store?
  9. I am getting an error message of "Not a Genuine Copy of CornerStore POS". How do I get my CornerStore software working?
  10. How do I reactivate License key for CornerStore software or CRE / RPE?
  11. How do I upgrade my CornerStore POS to the latest version?"

  12. Getting Started with the Corner Store POS

  13. How do I add a department, set up a tax rate or add an inventory item into Corner Store?
  14. How do I program the side buttons with inventory items and departments in Corner Store?
  15. How do I do returns in Corner Store?
  16. How do I add employee and setup different employee level permission in Corner Store?
  17. What are some of the reporting features that Corner Store offers?
  18. How do I check a shift report in Corner Store?
  19. How do I close the shift report?
  20. How do I have special sale prices such as 2 for 3 dollars?
  21. I have related items whose price changes every week, such as cigarattes, how can I change the price faster?
  22. What is the fastest way to add items into CornerStore?
  23. I do a detailed daily report every day, but I was unable to do it yesterday. Is there any way I can get yesterday's report?
  24. What are the basic features of the Inventory Express program and what type of business would this program benefit?
  25. What is the excel format I need to use for importing inventory item into CornerStore software?
  26. My item already exists in my database, but when I scan it, it shows "Quick Add Item" dailog box?

  27. Troubleshooting Software

  28. How can I change the administrator password?
  29. I am locked out of CornerStore, how can I get back in?
  30. I am using Mercury for Credit/Debit processing. Recently, I had upgraded my CornerStore Version to 2.0.9 and now CornerStore cannot process Credit/Debit cards. What do I do?
  31. I added a picture into CornerStore for an item on a side button, but now it is not showing up?
  32. When I look at any of my reports that display on screen, it looks like it cuts off most of the report?
  33. How do I change the date format in CornerStore / Windows?

  34. Hardware

  35. Do I need to buy hardware from International Point of Sale?
  36. What hardware is certified with Corner Store POS?
  37. I already have POS hardware but it is not on your list. What should I do?
  38. What if my printer, pole display and cash drawer is not working with the Corner Store?
  39. How do I turn off the User Account Control (UAC) settings on Windows VISTA/7 for hardware installation?
  40. I have a Partner Tech All-In-One "PT6215" and my printer continues do not work?
  41. Does CornerStore POS supports signature capture pads?
  42. Pole Display

  43. I have installed the drivers for the Bematech (Logic Controls) LD1000 USB pole display and followed all of the instructions mentioned in the manual but I am still unable to get it work with Corner Store. What should I do?
  44. My LD1000 USB Pole Dispaly says "Firmware needs downloading" and will not work. What should I do?
  45. I unplugged my pole and plugged it back in and now it is not working, how do I fix this situation?
  46. Printer

  47. I have an EPSON (T-20 or TMT-88V) printer and Win 7 OS. My printer is working but cash drawer is not opening. What should I do?
  48. Label Printer

  49. How do I do a DUMP test in ZEBRA LP 2824 or ZEBRA LP 2824 Plus? What is a DUMP test for?
  50. Touch Screen Monitor

  51. My Touch Screen isn't working anymore, it isn't registering a press?
  52. My Bematech (Logic Controls) LE1000 Touch Screen is making a sound when I press or is moving the cursor, but isn't registering in the correct spot?
  53. Scanner

  54. Do I need any drivers to use for Scanner?
  55. I have items in my inventory but my scanner won't read them properly?

  56. Credit card processing

  57. What credit card processor is integrated with Corner Store POS?
  58. What if I want to keep my existing processor?
  59. How do I setup payment processing in the Corner Store?
  60. How do I change the date and time on the PAX S300 terminal?

  61. Technical Support and Training

  62. What kind of Support do I receive once I purchase the Corner Store software?
  63. How can I reach your Technical Support Team?
  64. Is there over the phone training available?
  65. What will I need to receive Technical Support?
  66. What does International Point of Sale's Tech Support Contract covers for CornerStore?
  67. What does International Point of Sale's Tech Support Contract doesn't covers for CornerStore?